Tree Dreams

It wasn’t a fluke that the Buddha was quietly positioned under the Bodhi tree before he attained Enlightenment. Analytical psychologist Carl Jung understood the symbolic nature of trees that represent the Self — signifies the unification of consciousness and unconsciousness in a person, and representing the psyche as a whole. In our dreams the tree […]

Rotting Teeth Dreams

The unconscious has an interesting way by using nightmarish symbols to bring attention to our inner feelings we keep trying to repress. The reason why teeth dreams are such powerful symbols is the fact they range anywhere from our image, communication, health, aging process, strengths; in some cultures the loss of a tooth often depicted […]

Teeth Dreams

Set Teeth On Edge Teeth are like shoes in our dreams. We never notice them until there’s a problem. Dreams of teeth falling out, losing teeth, or teeth breaking are among the most common and well-documented dream themes. These dreams are often vivid nightmare style themes that are emotionally charged, often leaving the individual waking […]

Tapeworm Dreams

Words often used to describe worms in dreams are decay, weakness, vulnerability, and insignificance. These slimy insects have a horrible reputation in our dreams because they are often seen attached to the body or sometimes coming out of the skin. What makes the symbol of the tapeworm different than the worm is the fact it’s a […]

Tarantulas Dreams

Tarantula Dream Meaning Here is a little unknown but creepy fact about tarantulas you probably wished you never wanted to know.  They have the ability to regrow severed legs. Gross! Throughout the tarantula’s life he undergoes several moulting processes (shedding of skin to make way for growth) where he replaces his exoskeleton. This process gives […]

Tiger Dreams

The Eye Of The  Tiger The tiger in your dreams hopes you will accomplish its strength, ferocity, raw power and determination in your life. Unlike the LION masculine assertive energy in our dreams, the tiger tends to pull more towards the feminine wanting you to dominate these hidden emotions. The tiger is really an interesting […]

Spiritual Dream Meaning

Being spiritual generally refers to an individual’s personal quest for meaning, purpose, and connection to something greater than themselves. While the specific meaning and expression of spirituality can vary among individuals and cultures, it often involves a deepening awareness of the inner self, a search for transcendence, and a sense of interconnectedness with others, the […]

Dreaming Of Your Abuser

Table Of Content Table of Content Are you dreaming of your abuser?  Identifying The Shapeshifter  Lucid Dreaming Therapy  Nightmares & CBT Decoding Your Abuse Dream How to understand abuse dreams Dreaming Of Your Abuser Even though you may have left an abusive relationship decades ago, your former abuser may still rare it’s ugly head at […]