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Did you just have a dream about an airport?

Before we get into the meaning of what an airport means in your dreams, I want you take a minute to reflect on what major things in your life that is expected to change.

You see plane in our dream only appear when you are undergoing a major transition in your life, such as a new career, financial success, freedom and romance. Obviously there is more to plane but we will just give you a few!

Unless, you don’t remember whatever you are manifesting behind the scenes than the airport is a precognitive dream. This is what makes airplanes and airports such a mystery in our dreams because this happiness is often predicted in the future.

Airport dream interpretation

Dreaming of an airport is considered a very positive dream symbol by experts suggesting you will undergo a major shift in your life. This new transformation seems to be happening behind the scenes of your unconscious mind, suggesting this new destination will happen in the next couple of months. What makes airports in dreams such a dynamic symbol is it becomes before the airplane which is one of the most symbolic images we can ever dream of. Airplanes in dreams appear when something fun and exciting is on the horizon.

  • Financial success taking off
  • New ventures and exciting times ahead
  • Romantic partners or love life
  • New job or career that will alter your entire life
  • Success, money and happiness
  • Moving new places

What is the spiritual meaning of an airport in your dream?

The spiritual meaning of an airport in your dream represents embarking on a new experience in your life.  A symbol letting you know you are soon to take off in a particular area in your life. But where exactly? This could be mentally, emotionally or sexually; achieving goals; but also relating to a spiritual ascension.

Spiritual ascension is a term used to describe the process of elevating one’s consciousness to a higher level of awareness and understanding. Something has been going on below your conscious mind that will eventually lead you towards attaining a deeper meaning.

The spiritual meaning of an airport in your dreams encourages you to examine your spiritual growth, and personal development that you have been working on.

Unconscious clues to success

If you are one of the few people who can connect the dots and instinctively know what the airport means in your dream, than you can use it to your benefit. You will have confidence before whatever takes off in your life without any doubt.

Because dreams are subjective in nature the unconscious will design a particular theme revolving around the airport to give you clues. Lets face it, sometime we try to attain goals and they fail. This is why planes may crash or you have trouble finding your boarding ticket to get on the plane.

So, given you are at the airport what is going on? You can use these clues to help pinpoint what particular area that will take off.

Are you dreaming of a crowded airport?

The definition of crowded becomes a great clue: (of a space) full of people, leaving little or no room for movement; packed. We know that you are ready to depart in some area in your life but there is a lot of commotion that is making you anxious and distracting you. The business tells you that you have to do things fast but pay attention to get there early because you don’t want to miss this major stage in your life. The spiritual meaning of a crowded airport in your dream tells you how this success will be shared by others but will go in different direction.

How come an airport terminal appeared?

The airport terminal is the place you hang out before your flight. Dreaming of an airport terminal means you are close to departing and starting your new success in life. But most importantly it teaches you about patience and calming the mind and body before you transition. You might meet others who are ready to go with you on this journey. However, it is really what happens and what feelings that emerge that determine how you will feel before the take off. Are you someone who has everything in order?

Does size matter?

In terms of dreams, yes! Some people even notice the size of the airport in their dream. Let me put it to you this way, the bigger the better. To dream of a big airport tells you that this new found advancement will take you to a bigger and better place. Smaller airports tells you about still staying within your confines but still have the freedom to move around. The spiritual meaning of a big and small airport tells you about your flexibility, opportunity and power that is undergoing. Both a considered positive symbols.

Is it a bad omen to missing your flights in dreams?

Did you know that the majority of missing flights in your dream tend to be recurring. Missing flights in your dream represent a failure to advance in your life. But what is important about this theme it tends to contain an unconscious block that you have put up that stopped this from taking off. The good news is that you can always get another flight its just you need to be patient. I want you to think about the emotions you expressed and see how it matches something in your life you are unable to move forward. This is something you need to get somewhere but always get stuck. The spiritual meaning of missing your flight represents unable to elevate one’s consciousness to a higher level of awareness and understanding. Your unconscious wants to help you get on the flight but you need to make this known to you first.

Dreaming of airport security?

One of the most symbolic details about the airport are the security. These people are not security, but the unconscious designs them as gatekeepers; they allow you to advance or block you from the next steps before departure. For example, many people dream of their tickets not scanning or  they cannot find their  passport. The security acts as outside elements that block this process from happening. When the timing is right you get the green light! The spiritual meaning of airport security might be related to your chakras or your guides allowing you access higher realms.

Dreams about taking someone to the airport

To dream of taking someone to the airport represents your ability to help people advance in their lives. Our cars are a part of our direction going forward on life’s journey. You have decided to drop someone off at one of the biggest stages of their lives. What does this person mean to you? Are you helping them in anyway to succeed?

Reasons why you are lost in the airport

Another very common airport dream is being lost. The dream meaning for being lost at an airport means you are unable to find your way in a particular area in life. In our dreams this could be an unconscious manifestation of missed opportunities, or an awareness of your life not moving in the direction you imagined. Sometimes, you aren’t sure how to get to the next stage of your life. In essence, you to figure out what is confusing your aim to move forward in the right direction. Remember if you are lost you have to ask someone for help!

Finding an airport in dreams

Finding an airport in your dreams is an interesting theme that implies you found something in your life that will help you take off in the right direction. We often find money in dreams that brings us value, but an airport differs because it brings you to a new stage in life. Soon you will get to the airport and the next dream you will take off. Just wait and see!

How can you interpret the airport Biblically?

I am sure you know planes weren’t around during the time the Bible was written. However, there are several references to different types of locations or realms that may be related to the concept of airports.

For instance, in the New Testament, the apostle Paul speaks of being caught up to the “third heaven” (2 Corinthians 12:2). This has been interpreted by some to refer to different spiritual planes or levels of consciousness. The Biblically meaning of an airport in your dream relates to spiritual ascension or the rooms of God. The book of Revelation describes various visions and images of heavenly realms and dimensions, including the throne room of God and the heavenly city of New Jerusalem. These descriptions may be seen as pointing to different spiritual planes or levels of existence. Some might look at these dreams as a death or rebirth that is taking place within the dreamer.

Hindu airport dream interpretation

Like most religions, the meaning of an airport relates to higher consciousness. Though, in Hinduism the airport in your dream means yatra” refers to a spiritual pilgrimage or journey. Metaphorically speaking the airport is the beginning phase of this new spiritual journey you will embark.

Additionally, Hinduism has a strong tradition of honoring and worshiping various deities associated with travel and transportation. For example, the god Ganesh is often associated with good fortune and success in one’s travels, while the goddess Durga is seen as a protector and guide for travelers. The Hindu dream interpretation says you will not only be guided from this energy but will be successful.

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