Airplane Dreams

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Welcome to the flight this is your captain speaking

You will never know when you unconscious decides to take you on a flight to an unknown destination. Airplanes in dreams are considered one of the best symbols, but they often appear long before this new transition is about to take off.

The dream interpretation for an airplane represents a major transition, new experiences, financial success, happiness, and freedom in your life.

So how do you decipher between the airplane meaning financial success or new found freedom in your life? Well your unconscious will design a theme to let you know your progress in life – or – unfortunately a halt in plans.

Check out the most common themes

What is interesting about airplane dreams is the fact how close you are to taking off or landing implies how soon you will advance in life.

  • Dreamers are often searching for why they are flying low to the ground.
  • Taking off at high speeds.
  • They notice right before they land.
  • Sometimes the plane crashes or the dreamer jumps out of the plane.
  • Landing in water
  • Noticing that you are a passenger on a plane.

What might be taking off in your life?

What’s crazy about airplane dreams is the fact that it usually has a precognitive theme about it. Meaning you wouldn’t expect to take off so fast in the future and this might come as a surprise. You can only assume what might take off unless you know already.

Some dreams tend to have precognitive themes to it, hence why so many people cannot connect the two dots together. You might have been in the airport before in a dream but you didnt remember. Maybe you can recall it and now you are taking off. What does this mean?

Taking off in a plane in your dream can be considered one of the best symbols relating to a major shift in your life. You are metaphorically heading in a new direction that will bring you a lot of change and excitement. Unlike the car, an airplane brings you with force far away as you enter a new destination in life.

Airplanes in dreams encourage the dreamer to explore the new areas where the might be potential growth. For example, a friend mine had a dream about taking off very fast on a plane in first class and asked me what could the meaning be. I could only guess, but I never knew he invested in a stock that made him a millionaire.

Did you board a plane in your dream?

Consider yourself lucky when you board a plane in your dream. Boarding lets you know that you have been chosen to take off in this unknown area in your life. You might not remember but you have dreamt of being in the airport and if your lucky you also remember taking off and landing. Boarding is really the precursor letting you know that big things are around the corner.

Hidden mystery of airplane dreams

Airplanes have a hidden mystery behind it based off of your flight experience. Was the flight smooth or did it almost crash? What feelings emerged when you where on the plane? Did you feel excited, anxious or happy? Where did you take off from and where is your final destination. Because most dreams are subjective these little clues help you separate your dream from someone else. If not in most cases the flight experience will mirror the feelings and speed of this advancement.

What is the spiritual meaning of an airplane dream?

The spiritual meaning of an airplane in a dream represents a spiritual ascension, breaking free from the past, freedom and transcendence. Once you mix the powerful spiritual of the air (breath) and mix it with flight (freedom) it will bring you to a new stage of consciousness.

Air is often associated with the element of ether or the spirit, and represents the higher realms of consciousness, inspiration, and enlightenment. The pilot might be your inner guides that help you advance to this new stage in life. But really it is you that has giving the green light to the pilot suggesting you are ready to advance.

Even though the plane might crash which will set you back, the spiritual meaning teaches you to trust what blocks might come you way so you can recalculate your next route.

What does it mean to be a passenger on a plane?

Whenever you are a passenger on the airplane in your dream it tells you about letting go and trusting the path towards advancement. Most dreams we experience being the passenger and if you are the pilot it means you have more control of your direction when it comes to advancing. How was the flight?

Why are you flying low to the ground?

The meaning of flying low in your dream alters based off of taking off or landing. If you are taking off but flying low it represents a lack of confidence, power, uncertainty and direction. Flying low becomes a symbolic metaphor suggesting that need something else to give you that boost. Usually you might be uncertain or looking out the window wondering if you are going to crash.
If you are flying low as you are landing in a dream means you are soon arriving to your destination.

Reasons why you are flying over water in your dream

Water in dreams is a very powerful symbol that represents your emotional state of mind. But ocean water combines these feelings with depth — the unconscious emotional state of mind. If you are flying over the water in your dream it means that you have the freedom over these feelings. Its brings you more towards an emotional shift or transition in your life that once burdened you.

If you are landing in water in your dream it represents an emotional grounding before this shift. Something has caused you to reflect in this emotional state of mind that could be dangerous. Planes need to land on a hard surface and not water. What has brought this new advancement down to a place of deep feelings?

The reason why the plane crashed?

In our dream planes often crash that signify a halt in advancement, change of plans, or some outside force has changed your direction. Plane crash in our dreams to signify things in our lives that don’t go according to plan. If you notice that many plane crashes in dreams the person lands safely. This becomes a clue how you will get out of this so called advancement that you were planning.

It is really how and where you crash that becomes a metaphoric clue. For example, to dream of crashing in your house represents how this so called advancement you were hoping for will affect you psychology. If you dreamt of crashing the plane into water it will show you how this will effect you on an emotional level. You don’t want to sink in the unknown depths of your emotional state as its hard to get out.

The spiritual dream meaning of a plane crash encourages the dreamer to trust what hardships that come their way because there is a lesson behind everything. We must change our directions to get where we need to go in life.

What is the Biblical meaning of a plane?

Obviously, plane where not invented when the Bible was written, but there are a lot of symbolic references to flight we can use metaphorically. The Biblical meaning for an airplane represents trusting God as he was the pilot bringing you to the next destination in your life. For example, Isaiah 40:31:

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

This verse uses the metaphor of soaring on wings like eagles to describe the strength and resilience that comes from putting one’s faith in God.

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