Adoption Dreams

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If adoption is defined the act or process of establishing a legal relationship between a child and a parent other than the child’s biological parent.

The meaning of adoption in our dreams contains several different reason, and it is really what you adopt that alters the meaning of the dream. For example, the majority of adoption dreams tend to comprising of dogs, cats, baby boys or baby girls.

The dreamer has accepted to take on a major responsibly that will benefit them. However, this still remains unconscious to them that will eventually lead to a positive growth in their life.

The dream meaning for adoption represents to choose to take up, follow, or use; acceptance and integration, responsibility and commitment, or longing for family or connection.

Why are you adopting a baby in your dreams?

Babies in dreams are quite a complex, but for the majority they represent inner growth and development that is currently taking place. Babies tend to attach themselves to both our inner and outer worlds. In our dreams to adopt a baby represents transformation and growth that belonged to someone else. You have decided to take in a major responsibly and grow with it. Keep in mind that this new found gift can belong to your inner world development.

Adopting a baby boy in your dreams symbolizes that this new growth and development will bring you strength, courage, independence, leadership, and assertiveness. If you are adopting a baby girl in your dream it suggests you are developing nurturing abilities, love, receptivity, compassion, and care for others you never had before.

Adopting a child can also be seen as a symbol of transformation and growth. Dreaming about adoption may suggest that the dreamer is experiencing a period of personal growth or is embarking on a new chapter in their life.

Did you adopt a kid in your dream?

Unlike a baby where you have this new found growth from a beginning phase in your life, a kid however is a lot older. In our dreams to adopt a kid suggests you have taken on an older responsibility, or relates to healing your own inner child. The kid might be the old you that somehow has felt trauma and was stuck within you. By acknowledging this inner pain from your past you have taken on this responsibility to cure yourself.

What happens if you dream of adopting twins?

In dreams twins can be considered a positive omen relating to growth in multiples. To dream of adopting twins is a positive omen suggesting you have taking on two major responsibilities that will lead you towards growth. Though, adopting twins might in fact be related to your inner world suggesting you have found balance and harmony. They tell you about opposites and contracts or a possible partnership between these two entities.

Why are you adopting pets in your dreams?

If you are dreaming of adopting a cat or a dog it represents new found friendship and helping the people that are close to you. Adopting animals in your dream tells you that you have taken on a new responsibility and commitment that will help something grow. If you are adopting a dog in your dream it means you have possibly taken something on that will protect you in the future, new found friendship, or understanding of your instincts. To dream of adopting a puppy is the same as the dog but would require more training, but you will have fun doing so.

To dream of adopting a cat represents new growth and independent in your life, new development in creative or intuition; fixing unresolved issues from the past.

What is the spiritual meaning of adoption dreams?

Our dreams are made to help us that once figured out will lead us to understanding and growth. Adoption is the act of personally taking something on in your life that has more to do with something else. You have put up the time, effort and energy to make something grow that you can love. Do you know what this could be? The spiritual meaning of adoption in dreams represents a new phase and development in your life in which you will be rewarded.


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