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What does it mean to dream of abuse? 

Dreaming of abuse are very vivid dreams that almost makes you feel you are reliving the past. Though these dreams often revolve around an ex boyfriend, husband, mother or father. While other dreams about abuse appear to be revolving around someone you don’t know.

Carl Jung was a famous Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who believed that dreams are an important source of insight and guidance in a person’s life. Despite you may have had PTSD from a past relationship the main goal of you abuse dream would be to heal the past so you can move on.

If you have been abused in the past we highly recommend to speak to a medical professional to better help you.

Understanding abuse in dreams

Victims of domestic violence do not bring violence upon themselves, they do not always lack self-confidence, nor are they just as abusive as the abuser. If you are a victim of abuse, it’s important to know that you are not alone and that help is available.

Sometimes our dreams pull out painful memories and we encourage you to reach out for help. Talk to someone you trust such as a friend, family member, or counselor, about what you’re experiencing. You can also call a helpline or support group for survivors of abuse.

Remember if abuse has happened in your past you may want to consider counseling at some point. This dream might even become recurring with more vivid and disturbing themes so you would want to talk to a counselor who specializes in trauma or abuse.

What does it mean to dream of abuse?

If you are not a victim of abuse but are dreaming of abuse it represents being taken advantage of in your life. Dreams about abuse actually encourage the dreamer to develop teeth and confidence in life.

But this is not all, in fact, dreams about abuse want you to find out what specific areas that have been violated. If not in all cases dreaming about someone abusing you tends to be unconscious, whereas the people you once held close to you.

Have you been abused in the past?

Many people search online to find out why do they keep dreaming about an abusive family member or ex boyfriend. Abuse can have a wide range of psychological effects on a person, depending on the nature and severity of the abuse, as well as the individual’s personality, coping skills, and support system.

Dreams about abuse encourage the dreamer to build up their self confidence, treat ongoing depression, or avoid substances. There is meaning to your dream and it wants to help you heal the past.

Abusing someone in your dream

If you are abusing someone in your dream tends to have a different meaning than being abused. Being the abuser tells you about hidden aspects about yourself that could be abusive. This could be someone who you are mistreating; coarse and insulting in language; scurrilous; harshly scolding.

What can we learn from abuse in dreams?

One of the major areas of exploration would be to find out the unconscious parts in your life that you are hiding behind. Long-term emotional or physical abuse can also result in several health problems, including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, chronic pain. Finding and healing past trauma will help you find your own inner happiness and balance that was needed.

Psychological Interpretation of abuse dreams

Recurring dreams about abuse tends to contain unconscious or past trauma that needs healing. What is important would be to pull up emotions that are trapped within the psyche of the dreamer. Most often these feelings are repressed or unconscous trauma from your childhood relieving in the present moment.

Abuse dreams do serve a purpose for you to go inward to your past pain in order to heal this damaged person that hides within you. Reflect on the emotions you felt during the dream and upon waking up. Dreams often evoke strong emotional reactions, so pay attention to any feelings of fear, anger, helplessness, or distress that may be associated with the abuse depicted in the dream.

Here are some helpful dream tips to help you with abuse dreams

  1. Is the theme about abuse recurring or random?
  2. What are some of your feelings expressed in your dream
  3. Is the person known or unknown to you? If they are know can you recall any abuse from the past either emotional or phyical?
  4. Have you ever witnessed abuse? How did you cope with it when you saw it?
  5. Locations in your dream help you pinpoint specific areas.
  6. Where was the exact location where they hit you?
  7. Did you ever dream of a family member or loved one being abused?
  8. Have you ever been abused by a weapon in your dreams?


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